Are the ferry to Samsø on schedule?

Traffic Information

Lilleøre is delayed in her arrival home to Samsø

Lilleøre is currently located in dock in Skagen. The dock stay includes 3 major overhaul works:

- Painting the hull below the waterline.

- General inspection of the propulsion machinery

- Change of screws and renovation of screw shafts.

The yard estimated that removing screws and screw shafts would take 1-1.5 days. Unfortunately, it has turned out that this job is dragging on, as the components have been extremely difficult to separate. At the time of writing, this job has taken 4 days.

Since the processing of the hull, and subsequent painting of this, waits for the axles to be out, this cannot begin until the axles are out of the hull. This is for the safety of the shipyard workers.

In order for the paint to be able to withstand all conditions during operation, there are some curing times between the application of the individual layers, which must be observed. This process cannot be forced.

When the paint is dry and hardened, test sailings must be made to ensure that the machinery performs as it should.

We therefore believe that Lilleøre can only be ready for home sailing on Saturday evening.

At present, we therefore expect to be able to put Lilleøre into operation on Sunday 26/3 at 09.00.

Should it be possible to return to Samsø before time, this will of course be done, after which the canceled departures will be inserted again.

Samsø Rederi regrets the inconvenience caused by these cancellations

We always give notice

We will let your know as soon as we know something....

We send out traffic information if we deviate from schedule for more than 15 minutes.

We put a virtue in letting our customers know what is going on. So you can be sure that if it says that we are on schedule, we are.

As soon as we know we are going to be delayed or something else, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Broadcasting traffic information is not just about updating the information on this page. We also send text messages via our text message service. Just as we have to deal with a delay or cancellation by closing departures in our system, possibly moving customers to new departures, calling hauliers who need to move their trucks to new departures and much more.

We are therefore always very busy when we experience delays or cancellations. Therefore, we encourage you to follow along on this page and not call or write to us, as we have nothing more to say than you can read here.

Thank you for your understanding.