We take you from Jutland to Samsø

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Samsø Rederis ruter

The route Aarhus C - Samsø

Samsø færgen

With our new fast ferry LILLEØRE we sail a lot of happy people between the city of Aarhus and Samsø.

We are located in Aarhus at Dokk1 in the center of Aarhus.

From here we take you to beautiful Samsø in just 60 minutes. We have room for 300 passengers and 85 bicycles.

Hack Kampmanns Pl. 6,
8000 Aarhus

Sælvig Havn
Sælvig 64
8305 Samsø

The route Hou - Sælvig

Samsø Færgen

With our ferry PRINCESSE ISABELLA we take you from Hou by Odder,  south of Aarhus to Samsø.

From Hou we take over 500,000 passengers in 60 minutes to and from Samsø every year. Including lot of cars, trucks and buses.


Hou Havn
Havnegade 4B
8300 Odder

Sælvig Havn
Sælvig 64
8305 Samsø






When you go to an island you sail...

The crossing is an adventure of it's own

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