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Find your ferry to Samsø

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Do you need a ferry to Samsø? Then you have come to the right place. Since 2014, Samsø Rederi has connected Jutland and Samsø.

Ferry to Samsø from Hou
Our ferry Prinsesse Isabella sails on the route Hou – Sælvig. She has room for 600 passengers and 160 cars. The crossing time is 60 minutes and the coffee is organic and tastes delicious.

Fast ferry to Samsø from Aarhus
The newest member of our family is our new fast ferry Lilleøre, which sails on the route Aarhus – Sælvig. We dock in the heart of Aarhus at Dokk1. Only 100 meters from the light rail and the whole city within short reach. The fast ferry has room for 300 passengers and 85 bicycles. The crossing time is 60 minutes and the coffee is as good as on Prinsesse Isabella.

Welcome onboard on our ferry to Samsø

When does your ferry to Samsø go?


Crossing time 60 minutes​

When you go to an island you sail...

The crossing is an adventure of it's own

Where does the fast ferry to Samsø dock in Aarhus and where is Hou?

Find your way to the harbours

About Samsø

The island and the surrounding sea invite to a wonderful mix of deep relaxation in tranquil surroundings and super holiday activities.

The beaches vary from wide child-friendly beaches with shallow water, over to the slightly deeper, and in some places more rocky beaches. Here, on the other hand, there are often good fishing opportunities. Everywhere the water is clear and with the long coastline of 120 km it means that the beaches are never crowded.

Despite a size of just 114 km2, there is still on this small area an indescribably beautiful and completely varied nature, which offers many experiences and opportunities. The landscape and the short distances make it ideal for example for bike vacations.

All you need to know about Samsø

VisitSamsø is your guide to a great holiday on Samsø

VisitSamsø is our tourist information and on their website, you can find all the information you need to have a great holiday. You will also find here a place to sleep, a place to eat and an overview of the island’s many adventures

In their calendar you can find out what exactly happens when you are visiting. We also encourage you to visit the tourist information office in Tranebjerg . That way you get the best starting point for your holiday after you have taken a ferry to Samsø.

Get around on Samsø

114 km2, 28 km long, 500 meters at the narrowest point and 7 km at the widest point. It is a manageable size for you who want to experience all of the island in the middle of Denmark.

Get around the island

How do you get around and see the island?

There are many opportunities to get around once you have arrived by ferry to Samsø.

Bring your bike on board or rent a bike at the harbour when you arrive or book it in advance.

You can also rent cars or take the telebus. During the summer holidays you can even take a free summer bus that runs around most of the island. 

Get around on the iron horse

Cykeltur på Samsø

Take you bike on the ferry to Samsø
or rent one on the island

Samsø is ideal to see from the bicycle saddle. There are good cycle paths all the way from the capital Tranebjerg to Nordby. With as many as 22 villages around the island, it is never far to the next village and in many of them it is possible to get a refreshment.

Most of the island is relatively flat, so the altitude meters will not knock you out. The only place the altitude is really challenged is up to the island’s highest point Ballebjerg. But the “mountain” is worth the trip, with great views and wonderful walks in the area.

VisitSamsø has a lot of inspiration to get around by bike on Samsø.


Rent an electric bike


When you have booked your car, you receive a code for the bike lock. In addition, there will be a sign with simple instructions for picking up and returning the electric bike – easy and convenient.

Samsø Cykeludlejning

Rental of adult and children’s bicycles, MTBs, electric bicycles, cargo bikes, tandems, trailers and highchairs.

The bike rental store is located in Mårup, where personal service is provided. Bicycles are delivered to the holiday address, campsite, hotel and upon arrival with the ferry to Sælvig Harbour Ballen Harbour.

Getting around by bus

Order a telebus or take the free summer bus

Getting around by bus is easy. All year round you can order a telebus, which will take you from address to address

During the summer holidays you can take a free summerbus that goes around most of the island. Take it from the harbour
when you have arrived with the ferry to Samsø.


Order a telebus

If you need a bus you can order a telebus. The telebus goes from address to address. 

You must order the telebus at least 2 hours in advance. However just 45 minuttes before, if you arrive with the ferry to Samsø.

The telebus runs:
Weekdays 7.00 – 21.00
Saturdays 8.00 – 19.00
Sundays and holidays 7.00 – 21.00

It also covers all departures and arrivals of the ferries.

You can order by phone by calling Samsø Bus at +45 88 44 83 88

Phones are open:
Weekdays 7.00 – 21.00
Saturdays 8.00 – 19.00
Sundays 8.00 – 21.00

Free summer bus

All summer you can ride for free by bus on Samsø

During the summer holidays, free summer busses runs every day. They cover pretty much the island and are a great way to get around and also get an overview from the window.

Rent a bus

Rent a bus if you are visiting with a large group

If you are a larger group, you can rent a bus during the summer period. You order the bus at +45 3064500 or at turistbusserdk@mataxi.dk


Do you need a guide?

Get a local guide to show you the island.

Get around by car

Bil på Samsø

Rent an electric car or take the car with you on ferry from Hou

By car you can reach the whole island in a short time and decide the pace yourself.

You can not take the car with the ferry from Aarhus, but you can rent electric cars at the port or take the ferry with the car from Hou.


Rent an electric car at the harbour

Lejbilsamso.dk has electric cars around the island, also at Sælvig harbour where the ferries dock. You order the car on an app on the phone, easily and conveniently.

Take your car on the ferry

The ferry from Hou to Sælvig has room for 160 cars.

If you want to bring your own car, you must take the ferry from Hou by Odder. We have 14 daily departures.

Charging your electric car on the island

Get fully loaded

You can charge your electric car at several locations on the island.

Get around by taxi

taxa på Samsø

Call for a cap

There are taxies with room for up to 8 people

MA Taxi Samsø

MA Taxi Samsø

Get in touch with Samsø Rederi

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Call us at +45 70225900

Phones are open:
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We answer you email everyday
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