How you check in by car

When you arrive at the harbor on Samsø or Jylland, you drive up to one of our 3 check in automats.

You need to drive up close to the automat, otherwise it can not register your arrival.

When the automat has registered your car, you will get 2 options on the screen.:
1.Scan or type your bookingno. If you have booked in advance
2.Press on “Buy ticket” if you did not book in advance.

Here on after you will need to choose how many passengers are in the car including the driver.

It is important that you register the right number of passengers, regardless of age. This number is important for safety reasons.

Did you book your ticket in advance, the automat will now print your bordingcard.

Are you buying a new ticket, you will need to pay with your credit card. Follow the instruction on the screen. When the transaction is complete, your boardingpass will be printed.

You can only pay with your creditcard in the car automats. If you want to pay with cash, you will have to park your car on the parking lot, and go to the bookinghouse and pay for your ticket in the automats there.

The lane number, you will need to drive to, will show up on the screen as well as on your boardingpass and the barrier will go up.

It is important that you follow these instructions. If you do not get a lane number, you must contact the staff on the labor or by pressing the “help” button on the screen.


It is your responsibility to make sure your ticket is correct. Always check the details on your ticket before driving into your assigned lane number. If you are unable to present a valid ticket upon ticket inspection, you will be charged with a fee of DKK 600. If you have any problems, you can always press the help button.

If you have any problems in the automats, you can always press the “help” button. We have surveillance on all of our gates, so even if it takes a while before we respond to you, we have seen you, and will never leave vehicles that is on time in our gates.