Handicapped / people with walking difficulties

Onboard MF PRINSESSE ISABELLA we can take special care to passengers in wheelchairs or with walking difficulties. We do that by placing your vehicle, with an easy access to the passengerdeck.

Do you wish to place your car with best possible access to the passengerdeck, contact customer service on tlf. nr. +45 7022 5900. Remember to state your booking nr. and book in advance, as we only have limited capacity on every departure.

When you arrive at the gates at the harbor, and have booked for the handicap placement, our automats will guide you to the lane for handicap vehicles. In Sælvig it is lane 17 and in Hou it is lane A.

Do you need special assistance according to the EU-rules, please book your ticket through customer services on tel. 7022 5900 no later than 48 hours before departure.

See how you can transport yourself around PRINSESSE ISABELLA, when you are in a wheelchair, click here.